Robert Wolk

Robert Wolk

Driving fast is a skill honed over many kilometres and innumerable races, it is part talent and part art. When you’re behind the wheel of a purpose-built machine created for the sole purpose of going fast and its design is optimised so you can hit every apex on your way to the chequered flag, then you understand what motorsport is about.

Single-seater racing has lost none of its mystique over the years and is still rated as one of the best forms of motorsport available. The South African Single-Seater field will set out to prove yet again why this racing is a driver favourite.

South African Single-Seaters is made up of three different categories, led by the Formula Volkswagen field. With their combination of aerodynamic wings and slick tyres, they are all about high speed and high performance.

The Midas Formula 1600 field is divided into two categories, the A and B class which consist of the Duratec and Zetec entries. The racers in each of these categories all share one thing in common – they are not afraid of getting involved in wheel-to-wheel action.

In 2013 it was Robert Wolk who proved the most successful racer in the Formula Volkswagen category, clearly dominant in the field. Jason Campos was the lead racer in the Duratec category while George Ferreira scored the most points in the Zetec class.

The Midas Formula 1600 fields, unlike their Formula Volkswagen counterparts, don’t have wings and other aerodynamic aids to improve downforce. The result is that drivers have to stay alert and maintain a fine balance between pace and grip, often sliding their race cars to maintain that pace.

Nearly four months have passed since the final round of the 2013 season and the racers are keen to get back into action. Round one at Zwartkops Raceway on Saturday, March 1, will see the Formula Volkswagens and the Midas Formula 1600 class A and B racers fighting for the first available points of the year.