Werner Scholtz

Werner Scholtz in action at the last round

The South African Single-Seaters (SASS) field will compete at Zwartkops Raceway on Tuesday, June 16. This will be the field’s third round for the 2015 season, with racers taking to the track on the Youth Day public holiday.

Two rounds into the Duratec Formula Ford championship season and Robert Wolk (41 – Chemical Logistics Mygale) leads the field. The lead is a narrow two point margin over his opposition so this third event for the year will not see Wolk taking things easy.

The two points are what separate Wolk and Julian van der Watt (42 – Investchem Mygale SJ08). Both appear fairly evenly matched on paper. Each have won two races, each have finished a race on the podium and each have a less-than-ideal result from the four races that have taken place over the first two events of 2015.

This makes the Zwartkops round an important point in the season as each seeks to wrest control of the series from the other.

While the leading pair will seek to fight it out, it is not just at the head of the field where there will be jostling for position. Matthew Merton (5 – Mygale) holds third position and has improved his points haul between rounds one and two. He trails Van der Watt by seven points but also has to watch his mirrors as fourth-placed Dewald Brummer (11 – MAD Racing Mygale SJ09) is just three points behind.

As Brummer’s first outing this season produced stronger results that those of Merton, there is a very real possibility that Brummer could close the gap – or overtake to claim third spot on the leaderboard.

Werner Scholtz (3 – Investchem / Motorvia Mygale SJ08), Nicholas van Weely (1 – Magnificent Paints & Hardware Van Diemen), Dean Venter (77 – Turnfab Engineering & Manitou Group Mygale SJ09) and Keagan Masters (44 – Performance Masters Mygale SJ08) are fifth, joint-sixth and seventh place respectively. Three points is all that separates these four competitors. By the end of the Zwartkops round it is unlikely the points will leave these racers so close together.

Both Scholtz and Van Weely can upset the status quo which will see a significant reshuffle of the current leaderboard.

Two races of open-wheel racing action at Zwartkops Raceway will keep the racers on their toes while providing a display of racing skill as the Duratec Formula Ford competitors fight for their position on track – and their position on the leaderboard.